Strawberry (Fragaria vesca); Rosacea Varieties – Camarosa, Winter Dawn, Nabila, Flavia, Capri, Sweet Charlie Method of Propagation – Runners/ Slips Spacing – 40×25 cm(double rowplanting) Manure and Fertilizers 2 kg Azotobacter + 20 kg FYM + 20 kg soil per hectare). Basal application of 3 kg of FYM and 20g each of Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria/m2  Apply 500 […]

What is fee structure for Organic crop Production?

A. Fee structure per farm unit of a farmer Item Certification only on NPOP(In Rupees) Certification on Foreign Standards(In Rupees) Remarks Registration fee 500 for small and marginal farmers1000 for other farmers 5000/- Annual renewal fee 25% of the registration fee Fee for Inspection and Certification 1000/ day 1200/day For preparation, Inspection and certification work. […]

How should a person apply for Organic Certification?

A person desiring to get Organic Certification shall send the following: 1. Application form in the prescribed format – 3 copies2. Annual Cropping programme – 3 copies3. Operators agreement with TNOCD – 3 copies4. General Information of the farm5. Farm Map/Field map6. Computer chitta copy 7. Water and Soil Test Reports8. PAN (Permanent Account Number) card […]

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